Friday, July 28, 2006

Busy 'bug

The girl said I couldn't blog all weekend because she's going to be making with zombies. I had to get busy so I could blog it all today.

The girl eats some tasty Vinta crakers. Last night I wanted some. I had to tell her about it. She finally relented and gave me a cracker.

The boy's hands are my favorite chew toys. He's good to bite. I really like to bite his hands when he's sleeping.

The girl got a Dodgers rally monkey last summer. He's been sitting on her desk at home and acting superior. She doesn't let me sit on her desk. When the rest of the family was sleeping, I taught that rally monkey a lesson. I was thrashing him around in the bedroom when the girl woke up and took him away. He's back on the desk smirking at me. He's so lucky that they locked the door to their office. I'm plotting my revenge now.

- Felicity


Andrew Rhodes said...

Carefull, a RED SOX monkey would have owned your spotted ass...

~ :)

Pamela Moore said...

And to think I almost bought her a $25 Angels rally monkey of her very own. I'm so disappointed in her behavior.