Monday, September 04, 2006

What I did for Labor Day weekend

Well, the boy and the girl didn't stay home all weekend. The girl was home a lot more than the boy. Sunday morning she took me to McDonald's. She said I whined all the way there and all the way home because I missed Pipey, but I really whined because I wanted a big McBreakfast instead of a cheap McBurrito. The girl said I knocked the car out of gear on the way home, whatever that means.

Then we went to Griffith Park. That was fun. Pipey peed a lot. We even saw a firetruck. The boy said there was another Doodlebug-looking dog there but I didn't believe his lying eyes. There's a reason he wears glasses, I guess.

Then we went to Starbucks. The boy left us in the car with the girl. I wanted to drive off and leave him there, but I didn't have the keys. I tried to figure out how to hotwire the car without the girl noticing, but then the boy came back. Darn!

Pipey and I had a cup of Starbucks water. Pipey was satisfied with it. I wanted a Frappucino.

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pickle said...

i love your dogs. ;)